The Matrix-Q Research Institute creates a meet up for Family-Life-Work Balance & Burnout Prevention

The Matrix-Q Research Institute creates a meet up for Family-Life-Work Balance & Burnout Prevention


An increasing rate of burnout cases make us become aware that prevention is necessary and that every one, from youth to construction workers, from children to doctors, from university students to researchers, from parents to CxOs are already part of the risk group.

Quality of living is the aim of an advanced modern global culture, yet the results are not congruent. Prevention is necessary in our decisions, planning and actions when we aim for Life-Work Balance.

Effectiveness at work is necessary if we aim to success. But how to achieve it by caring for family, personal success goals?

More than 50% of married couples in europe may experience a divorce, leaving single parents into a challenging condition. Emotional burst out of broken family, relationship and parenting is a mayor cause of stress and lack of effectiveness. Family-Life-Work Balance approach includes prevention in the field of family and relationship in terms of how stress at work or individual goals achievement may affect destructively the harmony and balance a family needs.


Everyone interested into preventive practices and to learn more about how to advance their skills, knowledge or which methods and technology is available for family-life-work balance and burnout prevention while still being effective at work.


Personal interaction, emotional experience, help us be empathic and listen to each other more attentive, learn quicker and inspire, motivate each other. Network, communication and collaboration starts by meeting people.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will moderate the meet up process, invite speakers and collaborators, as well facilitate insight into Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools and Skills for Family-Life-Work Balance and Burnout Prevention.


The meet ups will take place in the region of Utrecht, The Netherlands, in particular in Utrecht and Rhenen cities.


The meet ups will be gamified and experiential.
120 min session program.

Part 01

Presentation, on burnout out prevention, family life work balance. [ Knowledge, information, tools, skills, research, technology] Discussion.

Part 02

Sharing on personal cases, case study, biography or publications. Success stories and challenges. Discussion.

Part 03

Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools and Skills for Family-Life-Work Balance & Burnout Prevention. Game and demonstration. Tools and methods that take no more than 3 minutes to be applied. Mini workshop. Exploration. Experience. Discussion.

Part 04

Network and collaboration
MATRIX-Q KNOW HOW for Family-Life-Work Balance.

Is a nature inspired holistic systemic and synergetic know how, with foundation in human potential studies, novel methods for education, brain gym, nature inspired algorithms (holistic sequence of steps necessary to solve a challenge), stress management, time management, emotional intelligence and prevention.

by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.


After completing a Matrix-Q Self-Test for Family-Life-Work Balance (free, and online), may join our meet ups sessions. The first step is to register for the meet up by answering the suggested questions. An email will give you later access to the Matrix-Q Self-Test.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The Matrix-Q Research Institute is a division (research & education) of the Stichting LDMF, a non profit organization with headquarters in the Netherlands. Focus on innovation, research, education and consultancy.